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Helaba appreciates your visit to our website and your interest in our bank and its products and services. We take the protection of your personal data seriously and comply with all data protection regulations.

Does Helaba’s Website collect any personal data?

No personal data is collected, processed or used when you visit any of our webpages, unless you have given Helaba your express consent to process your data. For this reason, whenever you order any of our newsletters, use our job application form to upload or send application documentation or contact us by email or by using a contact form, we will ask you in advance for your express consent and will inform you of your rights in respect of the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) as well as the Thuringian Data Protection Act (ThürDSG) and the Hessian Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act (HDSIG).

Protecting your data

We want you to feel at ease not only when visiting our site. The protection of your privacy is an important issue for us in general. Read more about the general protection of your data. 

Data logging

Die Helaba erhebt und speichert in ihren Server-Protokolldateien automatisch vom Browser übermittelte Informationen. Diese Daten können von der Helaba nicht bestimmten Personen zugeordnet werden. Sie werden auch nicht mit anderen Datenquellen zusammengeführt oder dazu verwendet, Nutzern der Webseite personalisierte Werbung bereitzustellen.


Occasionally, Helaba makes use of cookies when users visit its website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and saved by your browser. Their purpose is to make our range of services more user-friendly, for example so that you do not have to re-confirm an automatically generated disclaimer many times. Cookies that we use are so-called “session cookies” because they are automatically reset at the end of your visit to our website. Our cookies do not cause any damage to your computer and do not contain any viruses.

If you do not wish to allow any cookies to be set on your computer, you can choose to block them at any time in the privacy settings of your browser or delete cookies that have already been generated. It is possible that, in this case, you will not be able to make use of all the functions of our website.

What are Cookies?

Numerous websites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identification code of a cookie that consists of a string of characters which websites and servers can use to identify the specific web browser on which the cookie has been saved. This enables the websites and servers that a user visits to distinguish between an individual user’s browser from other web browsers that contain different cookies. A particular web browser can be recognised and identified by means of the unique cookie ID.

Subscribing to our Newsletters (only in German)

You are able to subscribe to a regular email with content on our website that is updated on a regular basis, such as economic research publications or press releases. In order to subscribe, you have to enter your email address on our form and send it. Please ensure your email address is correct, so that you receive the emails to which you have subscribed.

In the next step, we will send you a confirmation link. Your registration for the subscription will not be complete until you have clicked on this link. This so-called double opt-in process ensures that a) you are the owner of the email address provided and b) you yourself have subscribed to the newsletter using our form.

The email address supplied when registering for the newsletter is used exclusively for the purposes of sending the subscribed content or to provide information about changes to our content as well as technical or legal data. Your email address is not passed on to third parties. At the time of your registration to our newsletter, we save the IP address allocated by your internet service provider as well as the date and time of your registration. This data is necessary in order to be able to identify any improper use of your email address at a later time. You may cancel any existing subscriptions at any time using this

In order to send you the newsletters offered on our webpages that you have ordered, we will ask you for your contact data using an order form. There are clear definitions of what information is mandatory and what is voluntary. The data saved and used on the basis of Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR for the exclusive purpose of sending the newsletters. No information is passed on to third parties. By entering your contact data on the form, you are giving us consent to save your data as well as to used it in order to send the requested newsletters.

Web tracking

Our webpages only use analytical services to optimise the online information we provide. Data collected in this way, such as IP address, date or time of the request, contents of the page accessed or the browser used do not enable any users to be identified. Analysis by Helaba of a user’s data is not intended to identify any individuals or conduct any profiling, in order to, for instance, send online advertising to visitors of its website.

Web tracking with etracker

The provider of this website uses the services of etracker GmbH, Hamburg, Germany ( to analyse usage data. Here, cookies are used which enable the statistical analysis of the use of this website by its visitors as well as the display of usage-relevant content or advertising. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the Internet browser on the user's device. etracker cookies do not contain any information that could identify a user.

The data generated with etracker is processed and stored by etracker solely in Germany by commission of the provider of this website and is thus subject to strict German and European data protection laws and standards.In this regard, etracker was checked, certified and awarded with the ePrivacyseal data protection seal of approval.

The data is processed on the legal basis of Art. 6 Section 1 lit f (legitimate interest) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).Our legitimate interest is the optimization of our online offer and our website. As the privacy of our visitors is very important to us, etracker anonymizes the IP address as early as possible and converts login or device IDs into a unique key with which, however,no connection to any specific person can be made with. etracker does not use it for any other purpose, combine it with other data or pass it on to third parties.

You can object to the outlined data processing at any time provided it is related to your person. Your objection has no detrimental consequences for you.

Further information on data protection with etracker can be found here.

Use of Social Media

Helaba maintains social media accounts on Twitter, instagram, Xing, LinkedIn and YouTube. The relevant pages can be accessed via a link on our website. Helaba does not use any social media plug-ins for this purpose so that any personal data can only be exchanged with the respective social media platforms after clicking on the link and with your explicit consent.

When you click on a link, you will leave Helaba's website. Pages within the respective social media channel are operated exclusively by the respective platform. Helaba has no knowledge of or influence over the data collected there. This information can be found in the privacy policies of the platform operators:

If you follow the link, the most basic information that the operator receives is the fact that you have accessed the page. If you are already registered with the social media platform, your session may be logged under your social media account. Even if you have not yet registered with a platform, the possibility that your IP address may be collected or stored cannot be ruled out.

Processing of personal data on the basis of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

The following link provides our customers and others information about the processing of personal data by us and about their rights in respect of data protection GDPR.

Do you have any questions about data protection or about the collection, processing and/or use of your personal data? We invite you to contact us at any time. Simply send an email to dtnschtzhlbd.


Data protection officer

Kaiserleistraße 29-35
63067 Offenbach
T +49 69/91 32-01

E-Mail: dtnschtzhlbd

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