Me­chan­i­cal & plant en­gi­neer­ing

Attention to detail and an eye for the big pic­ture: both are equal­ly valu­able tenets in your busi­ness. Then we share the same values, because this also de­scribes our ap­proach to banking services.

New chal­lenges

Industry 4.0 is rapidly trans­forming mechan­ical and plant engineering. Today, un­inter­rupted, cloud-controlled manu­facturing is what counts: both for mass pro­duction as well as for tailor-made, indi­vidual solutions.

Globally integrated operations, inter­national locations, local experts - these are the key factors for success in addition to engineering crafts­man­ship.

If you want to build on your own success story in this environ­ment, you need strong and inter­nationally ex­perienced financ­ing part­ners. Are you looking for modern solu­tions for sales financing? Would you like to struc­ture your balance sheet according to your re­quire­ments? Do you have an ac­quisition in mind?

Cor­porate Banking / Asset Finance

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Machine workpiece close up
Machine workpiece close up

Re­li­able so­lu­tions

Together with us, you will find the right so­lu­tions. We develop struc­tured financ­ing con­cepts for medium-sized family busi­ness­es and listed cor­porations, where all the elements work hand in hand with each other; concepts that go far beyond "simple" loans.

Mechanical engineering hall
Mechanical engineering hall

Together with you, we develop solu­tions that make you even more com­petitive. Whether for cloud-controlled pro­duction pro­cesses or for other pro­jects in the scope of Indus­try 4.0. 

Inter­national trade, project finance, sales financing, cross-border pay­ment trans­actions: you can rely on our long-term, tried-and-tested quality and our watch­ful eye for new oppor­tunities.

Client Portal

As a Helaba client, you can man­age your ac­counts online and control pro­jects digi­tally. If you have any ques­tions, contact your ac­count man­ager online. Also helpful: Relevant studies and market assess­ments by our economic experts - click here to log in:

Service Commit­ment

We have long-standing and reliable partner­ships with many of our clients that thrive on a spirit of mutual trust. We deliver quality, make our decisions trans­parent and stand for con­tinuity based on our values and our business model. 

We gain the con­fidence of our customers by main­taining a local presence, offering a high level of per­formance and providing tailor-made solutions. We take our time and listen, because we want to under­stand what our cus­tomers really need. This is how we achieve our declared goal of achieving long-term mutual success.

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