We are driving sus­tain­abi­li­ty – with commit­ment and finan­cing so­lu­tions

The global economy is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Demand for future-proof, innovative business models and sustainable financing options has never been as high as it is today. Sustainability is an integral part of our value system and lies at the core of our business activities. As a Landesbank, we not only have a responsibility for the common good but we also have an equally strong commitment to pursuing a sustainable approach to business, which forms the cornerstone of every client relationship.

Find out more about our sustainable financing solutions such as Green Bonds, lending that meets sustainability criteria and Green Finance projects.

In addition, we pledge to provide you with transparent and binding information on our business strategy and activities, as well as our commitment to society.

In our special feature on Sustainable Finance you will find insightful background information, facts and interviews with experts.

We are driving the future of the economy. Sustainably.


In the film, Thomas Groß, Helaba's CEO, explains why business and sustainability will be inextricably linked in the future.

“At Helaba, sustainability and sustainable business practices are core elements of our DNA. That is why we have long been a driving force on the sustainable finance market, providing advice to our clients on how to adapt their projects in line with so-called ESG criteria.”

Thomas Groß
CEO of Helaba 

How we are driving sustainability forward

Our goals at a glance

ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance.

We are committed to:

  • Reducing emissions from our own activities where practicable.
  • Making a contribution through our own actions to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.
  • Promoting opportunities for women to reach their career potential.
  • Investing in our employees and society.
  •  Striving for a good and stable ESG rating position.

Our approach to sustainability

Focused on the common good, driven by values, committed to society

We are convinced that if you want to achieve something, you have to make the first move yourself. We regard it as our corporate duty to take responsibility for protecting our natural environment, the welfare of our society and the lives of current and future generations. As a public-sector institution, Helaba has a remit to serve the public interest. That is why we consider sustainability part of our corporate identity. A large number of our employees promote sustainable issues day in, day out - both in their professional and private lives.

Our sustainable financing solutions

Sustainable finance products, Green Bonds – our HelabaSustained programme is driving change

We provide a wide range of sustainable finance solutions that is constantly growing. Green bonds, Schuldscheine with interest rates linked to ESG indicators or loans earmarked for specific purposes, such as investments in projects related to Germany's renewable energy transition, all make a valuable contribution to a positive, responsible future. In our HelabaSustained programme, we are also constantly developing new sustainable solutions to help our customers succeed in their own zero-carbon transition.

Sustainable programmes for our staff

Promoting a work-life balance, the HelabaVital programme and New Work

We offer our staff a variety of tools and programmes in which they can improve their own health and find the right balance between their work and day-to-day lives. These include HelabaVital, courses on health eating, business yoga and our company sports programme, all of which support them in leading sustainable, more mindful lives. We also promote a work-life balance as well as mobile and flexible ways of working.

Diversity as an opportunity

Fostering diversity, opening up new prospects, seizing opportunities

We believe that there are opportunities in greater diversity, which opens up new prospects and injects fresh impetus into existing processes and structures. Empathy, humanity and a reflective approach in our teams are aspects that we attach particular importance to.

Petra Sandner
Chief Sustainability Officer Helaba Group
Michael Seibel
Sustainability Officer

Current sustainability projects

Our customers benefit from our sustainable products that address environmental, social and responsible corporate governance issues in all divisions of our business. we act as a strong partner alongside our clients and support them in preserving the foundations needed to sustain the living world and our societies and therefore to successfully do business in the long term. Here you can find our current sustainability projects that we have realised together with our customers.

Green bonds - sustainable issues

What are sustainable bonds? How are they structured and what is their growth potential? Our glossary gives an insight.

How we integrate sustainability into our processes

Binding sustainability criteria are firmly enshrined in our strategies

Sustainability is an integral part of the entire Helaba Group's business strategy. We have firmly enshrined sustainability and diversity in our strategy agenda. It is not just our global, but also our local responsibility; and not just our ecological, but also our economic responsibility. Our principles for integrating sustainability into the risk strategy are:

  • Binding: Every new transaction must meet the predefined requirements
  • Complete: It covers all types of financing as well as the entire Helaba Group
  • Effective: We have not conducted any new business that does not comply with the strategy since it entered into force in 2018
  • Systematic: We carry out an annual review process when updating our risk strategies

The risk management model and the binding requirements in Helaba's risk strategy.
The risk management model and the binding requirements in Helaba's risk strategy.
Sustainable Financing Glossary – Image Source: Lobro78 via Getty Images
Sustainable Financing Glossary – Image Source: Lobro78 via Getty Images

What is sustainable finance?

Key terms associated with the issues of sustainability and green finance - explained in a clear and straightforward way.

Themenspecial Sustainable Finance 5 Euro Schein

Sustainable Finance 

Find out more about sustainable finance instruments and their sustainable impact.

Current research on sustainability

The experts from our Research & Advisory teams provide you with precise and transparent analyses and forecasts. Here you will find the latest research material on the issue of sustainability.

Mit der Nanny durch die Krise

Interview with Dr. Gertrud R. Traud: Helaba's Chief Economist talks to Jörg Birkelbach, Finanzplaner TV, about the interplay between sustainability and monetary policy and the trends in the capital market in 2021.

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