Cash Mana­ge­ment

Secur­e and timely trans­actions, prompt liquidity mana­gement: As the lea­ding pay­ment trans­action ser­vice pro­vider in the S-Finanz­gruppe - the Ger­man Sav­ing Bank Fin­ance ­Group - we are a trusted and long-stan­ding part­ner for our cus­tomers.

We support you in …
planning your liquid­ity and the dis­position of your liquid funds. We en­sure that you are al­ways sol­vent by design­ing pay­ment flows in the most opti­mal way pos­sible. In add­ition to S-Group sav­ings banks, our cus­tomer port­folio also includes cor­porate clients, Ger­man and inter­national banks as ­well as the pub­lic sec­tor and institut­ional clients. With our solut­ions, you can man­age your trans­actions with the maximum of efficiency and make sure liquid­ity is at the right place at the right time.

Our objective in cash management is …
to adapt our prod­uct ran­ge to your require­ments and to contin­uously ex­pand it. We are const­antly develop­ing our stand­ard ser­vices at a high level. In this way, we strive to main­tain our position as one of the lead­ing pay­ment ser­vice provid­ers in Ger­many and by far the lar­gest settle­ment ser­vice provider in the Sav­ings Banks Finance Group.

In the card business …
Helaba occupies a lead­ing position through­out Germany. We are focused on opti­mising and consistently expand­ing our range of services for major ret­ail companies and net­work operators. Digi­tal cus­tomer solutions are at the heart of our on­going product develop­ment activities. These in­clude solut­ions in the elec­tronics re­tail sec­tor, especially in mobile com­merce us­ing contact­less techno­logies and for internet-­based pay­ment sys­tems.

We gain the trust of our customers ...
by offer­ing flexibility in pro­duct selec­tion and by provid­ing be­spoke solut­ions. In doing so, our goal is to continue the posi­tive develop­ment of re­cent years over the long term by deliver­ing alter­native pay­ment trans­action ser­vices and digital pro­duct solutions as well as by stan­ding out from our com­petit­ors with premium, cutting-edge ser­vices that will stand the test of time.

“Our ambition is to continuously en­hance sys­tems, pro­cesses and pro­ducts and to adopt innova­tions at an earlier stage than others.”

Dr. Andreas Hof
Cash Management

Our services for you

  • Liquidity transfer: Is the pro­fes­sional ex­ecu­tion of se­cure, timely and rule-com­pliant pay­ments, both do­mes­tic and inter­national, of cri­tical im­por­tance to you? We su­pport you with be­spoke so­lu­tions ra­ng­ing from trea­sury pay­ments and pay­roll trans­actions to a wide range of ser­vices in an inter­national en­viron­ment.
  • Liquidity management: Are you looking for so­lu­tions to con­cen­trate and man­age li­qui­dity in your ac­counts? We pro­vide you with infor­mation that meets your re­quire­ments, such as elec­tronic account and trans­action infor­mation and ad­vice notes.

  • Access systems: Do you want your pay­ment pro­ces­sing to be as simple and in­tuitive as possible? For op­timal pro­cess inte­gration, we pro­vide you with customis­able inter­faces to the most import­ant sys­tems with flexible pro­duct and access configura­tion.

  • Bespoke solutions: Whether it's opti­mum accounts re­ceiv­able manage­ment, new pay­ment methods via mob­ile phone, ma­na­ging employee parti­cipa­tion schemes or com­plet­ely new challenges: our ex­perts are there to find the solution that makes the cru­cial dif­ference to your com­pany’s success.
Cash Management
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Business cus­tom­ers seek­ing to ex­pand their operations out­side Ger­many with the sup­port of their lo­cal sa­vings bank will find con­tact per­sons at He­laba's re­pre­sen­tative offices in Moscow, Shang­hai, Singa­pore and Sao Paulo.

Large-scale real estate pro­jects are your co­re business? Ours too - for de­cades and through­out eco­nomic cy­cles.

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