Re­tail trade

Vir­tually no other indus­try is under­going such rapid change due to the inter­net as the retail trade. The new rules of the game are placing enor­mous demands on busi­nesses - as well as on financ­ing and pay­ment pro­­cessing.

New chal­lenges

Raw materials or inter­mediate prod­ucts, the steel or food sectors, whole­sale or retail chains: No matter which trading seg­ment you are active in, you are close to your cus­tomers. You are aware of the changing require­ments and adapt to them. 

This is what we have learnt from decades of co­operation with many trading com­panies in Ger­many and Europe.

Cor­porate Banking / Asset Finance

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Arbeiter vor Transport-Containern

Re­li­able so­lu­tions

Financing so­lu­tions that support the trans­formation of the retail sector form the core of our services. We finance invest­ment pro­jects as well as working capital or ac­quisitions. And we know the challenges that you face daily.

We are also the largest pay­ment trans­action service provider in the S-Finanz­gruppe. That is why we can also effec­tively sup­port you in pro­viding bulk payment trans­actions and liq­uidity manage­ment. And we can work with you to develop inno­vative pay­ment solutions.

Auslaufendes Frachtschiff

So what is it that counts the most? Re­liability, pru­dence and a con­sistent focus on the needs of cus­tomers. These are values we share. Just as being open to new ideas, which is part of your and our busi­ness.

Client Portal

As a Helaba client, you can manage your ac­counts online and control pro­jects digitally. If you have any questions, contact your account manager online. Also helpful: Relevant studies and market assess­ments by our economic experts - click here to log in:

Service Commit­ment

We have long-standing and reliable partner­ships with many of our clients that thrive on a spirit of mutual trust. We deliver quality, make our decisions trans­parent and stand for con­tinuity based on our values and our business model. 

We gain the con­fidence of our customers by main­taining a local presence, offering a high level of per­formance and providing tailor-made solutions. We take our time and listen, because we want to under­stand what our cus­tomers really need. This is how we achieve our declared goal of achieving long-term mutual success.

Selected projects

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