Public Sector

Even in uncertain times you have to shape and de­velop the living con­ditions of a society. Are your chal­lenges in financing your budget growing? Our solu­tions grow with you.

New chal­lenges

You have to finance your invest­ments and your budget, manage interest rate and currency risks and effi­ciently struc­ture your pay­ment trans­actions?

And not to forget, focus on digiti­zation in your own administration?

Deutscher Bundestag

Public Authorities

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Re­li­able so­lu­tions

We help you secure your com­petitive advantage. As a Landes­bank, we are partic­ularly commit­ted to the public sector.

We support the German Federal Govern­ment, Federal States, local authori­ties and municipal cor­pora­tions in real­ising key pro­jects, en­sur­ing the long-term via­bility of their invest­ments and im­plement­ing them in a man­ner that protects the budget. This is how we help you main­tain your effi­ciency and you have placed your trust in our re­liable services for decades.

Rathaus, German for town hall
Rathaus, German for town hall

Client Portal

As a Helaba client, you can man­age your ac­counts on­line and con­trol pro­jects digitally. If you have any ques­tions, contact your ac­count manager online. Also helpful: Rele­vant studies and market assess­ments by our economic experts - click here to log in:

More room for growth

The same is true of a very topical issue: seizing the op­por­tunities pro­vided by digi­tisation for public ad­minis­tration. 

Komuno is a  joint venture Digital plat­form by Helaba Digital and Lucht Probst Asso­ciate that con­nects local authori­ties and banks in the arrange­ment of muni­cipal loans and consid­erably facili­tates the tendering pro­cess. With komuno, munic­ipali­ties seeking financing can up­load their re­quests for tender to the plat­form and receive offers. 


Digital plat­form for municipal loans

Ser­vice Commit­ment

We have long-standing and reliable part­ner­ships with many of our clients that thrive on a spirit of mutual trust. We deliver quality, make our decisions trans­parent and stand for continuity based on our values and our business model. 

We gain the confidence of our customers by main­taining a local presence, offering a high level of per­formance and providing tailor-made solutions. We take our time and listen, because we want to understand what our cus­tomers really need. This is how we achieve our declared goal of achieving long-term mutual success.

Selected pro­jects

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