In­sur­ance & Pen­­sion 

Solving com­plex problems together? If you view this as the basis of our co­operation, then we are working towards the same long-term goal. For any questions of change, we are your pro­fess­ional spar­ring partner. With long-standing ex­perience.

New chal­lenges

Regulatory require­ments and digi­tization place high de­mands on your pro­cesses and effi­ciency? With in­­creased com­petition at the same time?

Whether insurers and re­insurers, pension funds, supple­mentary pension funds, trade unions or social in­surance agencies, you will have to find solutions to these chal­lenges soon - and finance them. We support you with our ex­perience, our under­standing of busi­ness sectors world­wide and our competence in finding solutions.

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Capital Mar­kets

Find out more about us and our ac­tivities

Re­li­able so­lu­tions

Because sound banking prin­ciples and inno­vative ideas can comple­ment each other per­fectly. This applies equally to investing assets as well as pro­viding trans­action services and financing.

We liaise with you on a regular basis and sup­port you in opti­mising your trans­action busi­ness or your liquidity and risk manage­ment. In short: We design a strategic invest­ment plan for you. To assist in this, our market and product research unit con­tributes in-depth market assess­ments.

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As an institu­tional investor, you also ben­efit from a broad range of quanti­tative invest­­ment approaches from our sub­sidiary Helaba Invest. Helaba Invest can manage your funds as a Master and Full Service KAG. And you can take ad­­vantage of additional support to fulfil your regu­latory obli­gations.

Client Portal

As a Helaba client, you can manage your accounts online and control projects digitally. If you have any questions, contact your account manager online. Also helpful: Relevant studies and market assess­ments by our economic experts - click here to log in:

Helaba Invest

One of the leading German capital manage­ment companies in institu­tional asset manage­ment

Service Commit­ment

We have long-standing and reliable part­ner­ships with many of our clients that thrive on a spirit of mutual trust. We deliver quality, make our decisions trans­parent and stand for continuity based on our values and our business model. 

We gain the confidence of our customers by main­taining a local presence, offering a high level of per­formance and providing tailor-made solutions. We take our time and listen, because we want to understand what our cus­tomers really need. This is how we achieve our declared goal of achieving long-term mutual success.

Further pro­jects

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