Con­nec­tiv­i­ty, e-mo­bil­ity, inter­national supply chains: shape the trans­formation of your industry with a partner who can assess your chal­lenges and ex­plore new av­enues with you.

New chal­lenges

How quickly will the shift from com­bus­tion engines to electric drives take place? Is the fuel cell gaining ground? How do you develop your supply chain and ensure its capac­ity to deliver? Are your dis­tribution and pro­duction locations "up to scratch" for future require­ments?

We are there to answer ques­tions like these: with the matching financing so­lutions and ded­icated advice.

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Cor­porate Banking / Asset Finance

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Re­li­able so­lu­tions

Whether it con­cerns the pru­dent financing of inter­national busi­ness or develop­ment of locations, techno­logical change or sus­tain­ability: we support leading manu­facturers and sup­pliers with advice and prac­tical solutions - globally and through­out all economic cycles.

 Whether it is about optimal balance sheet struc­tures, li­quid­ity and risk management or inter­national payment trans­actions. We support you in Germany and across the world, with locations on three con­tinents. Just like you, we are con­stantly working on en­hancing our services. 

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Client Portal

As a Helaba client, you can manage your ac­counts online and control projects digi­tally. If you have any ques­tions, contact your account manager online. Also helpful: Relevant studies and market assess­ments by our economic experts - click here to log in:

Service Commit­ment

We have long-standing and reliable part­ner­ships with many of our clients that thrive on a spirit of mutual trust. We deliver quality, make our decisions trans­parent and stand for con­tinuity based on our values and our busi­ness model. 

We gain the con­fidence of our cus­tomers by main­taining a local pres­ence, offering a high level of per­formance and pro­viding tailor-made solutions. We take our time and listen, because we want to under­stand what our cus­tomers really need. This is how we achieve our de­clared goal of achieving long-term mutual success.

Selected projects

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