Changes in the Board of Managing Directors

Herbert Hans Grüntker to retire on 31 May 2020 - Thomas Groß to become new Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors - Dr. Norbert Schraad also to retire on 31 May 2020.

Herbert Hans Grüntker (64) will retire on 31 May 2020 from his position as Chair­man of Helaba's Board of Managing Di­rectors upon reaching the statutory age limit. Helaba's Supervisory Board and Board of Owners have appointed Thomas Groß (54) as Chair­man of the Board of Managing Directors with effect from 1 June 2020. Dr. Norbert Schraad (64) will also retire on 31 May 2020 when he reaches the statutory age limit for board members.

Herbert Hans Grüntker assumed his role as Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors in October 2015. His professional career at Helaba began in 1993. After completing an apprenticeship in banking, a degree in business administration and having worked for BHF-Bank and Barmenia Ver­sicherungen, Grüntker went on to join Helaba. Having held a variety of positions, he was in charge of the bank's asset mana­gement arm as Senior Vice President until 2005. Sub­sequently, he assumed the position of Vice Chair­man of the Mana­gement Board of Frankfurter Spar­kasse, which had previously been acquired by Helaba, and played a key role in the successful integration of the regional savings bank into the Helaba Group. In 2007, he became Chairman of Frankfurter Sparkasse's Mana­­gement Board and held this position until his appointment to Helaba's Board of Managing Directors in June 2015.

"Herbert Hans Grüntker has guided Helaba with a sure hand and enormous commitment in a challenging environment, positioning the bank to meet future demands. Moreover, he has been instrumental in firmly anchoring Helaba within the Sparkassen-Finanz­gruppe. Thanks to his successful achievements, Helaba is now in a strong position to face the new market conditions," commented Gerhard Grandke, Chairman of Helaba's Su­pervisory Board, in recognition of Mr Grüntker's services to the bank. With a view to his successor, he added: "We are very pleased that, with the appointment of Thomas Groß as the future Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, we will be able to pursue our successful strategy with a high degree of continuity. In his function as Vice Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors and CRO, he has already contributed decisively to the positive further develop­ment of Helaba's business model in recent years. Thanks to his many years of experience on Helaba's Board of Managing Directors, he is ideally placed to successfully lead the bank and continue to drive it ahead".

Thomas Groß has been a member of Helaba's Board of Mana­ging Directors since 2012. He was appointed as Vice Chair­man of the Board of Managing Directors in October 2015. He is responsible for the bank's risk controlling, credit risk management, cash management, the strategic digitisation project, Frankfurter Sparkasse, Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft as well as the management of Helaba New York. He began his professional career in 1992 as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). From 2000, he was a partner and managing director in the Frankfurt office, where he specialis­ed in advising companies in the financial services sector. Subsequently, he held senior mana­gement positions at Unicredit Group. From 2008 until joining Helaba, he was a member of WestLB's Management Board.

Dr Norbert Schraad has worked for Helaba since 1993 and has been a member of the Board of Managing Directors since May 2006. He is re­spon­sible for the bank's corporate client activities and corporate finance. From 1985 to 1993, Schraad held various positions at Deutsche Bank AG before moving to Helaba, where he established the corporate finance unit as one of Helaba's key pillars. In 1998, he was appointed as a Senior Vice President before being promoted to the Board of Managing Directors in 2006. Under Dr Schraad's leadership, Helaba has successfully and continuously ex­pand­ed and developed its client-focused activities. After his retirement, his areas of responsibility will be transferred to Hans-Dieter Kemler, who will then take charge of the newly-created area of Corporates & Markets on the Board of Managing Directors.

Gerhard Grandke: "I wish Mr Grüntker and Dr Schraad all the best for the next phase of their lives and, above all, good health. I would also like to wish Mr Groß every success in his future role as Chair­man of Helaba's Board of Managing Directors as well as Mr Kemler in his expanded area of responsibility".

Mike Peter Schweitzer
Head of Communications and Marketing, Press Officer
Ursula-Brita Krück
Deputy Press Officer

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