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Low returns expected

The US dollar is weakened generally. The central banks are pushing against the economic fallout of the corona crisis. While it is true that the economic prospects are improving, stocks seem to have anticipated too many positive developments too quickly. Looking at the comings months, the risk/reward ratio is not especially attractive.

What next?

Chief Eco­no­mist Dr Gertrud R. Traud discus­ses COVID-19, Trump, Brexit and risks in the resi­­den­tial real estate market.

 Countries and Regions

Find out more about countries and regions. Based on our special connection to our home region, Helaba also provides analyses and forecasts on the most important key figures of the German federal states.

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At irregular intervals we publish comments on current topics from the areas of corporates and bank bonds and important developments on the credit markets.

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Financial Center

A hub of finance and supervision.

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Foreign Exchange: FX Briefly

Below you will find Insights into current developments of different currencies.

Foreign Exchange: FX Focus

Below you will find Insights into current developments of different currencies.

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Real Estate

We have a special focus on Real Estate Markets.

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