Service provider identification in accordance with section 5 of the Telemediengesetz (GermanTelemedia Act)

Im Auftrag der

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen Girozentrale
Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts
Neue Mainzer Straße 52-58
D-60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (+49) 69 91 32-01
Fax (+49) 69 29 15-17

Bonifaciusstraße 16
D-99084 Erfurt
Tel. (+49) 3 61/2 17-71 00
Fax (+49) 3 61/2 17-71 01

Commercial Register

Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main, HRA 29821, Amtsgericht Jena, HRA 102181

Board of Managing Directors

  • Herbert Hans Grüntker, Chief Executive Officer
  • Thomas Groß, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Detlef Hosemann
  • Klaus-Jörg Mulfinger
  • Dr. Norbert Schraad
  • Hans-Dieter Kemler

Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

Europäische Zentralbank (EZB)
Sonnemannstraße 20
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht
Graurheindorfer Straße 108
53117 Bonn

GermanyVAT identification number

DE 114 104 159

Bank Clearing Code (alphabetical order)

100 506 00 Berlin
480 500 00 Bielefeld
508 500 49 Darmstadt
440 500 00 Dortmund
300 500 00 Düsseldorf
360 500 00 Essen, Ruhr
820 500 00 Erfurt
500 500 00 Frankfurt
501 500 00 Frankfurt
203 500 00 Hamburg
520 500 00 Kassel
370 500 00 Köln
400 500 00 Münster, Westfalen

Bank Identifier Code (BIC)



GIIN (Global Intermediary Identification Number)

Germany X1I0C3.00000.LE.276
France X1I0C3.00000.BR.250
United Kingdom X1I0C3.00000.BR.826
Sweden X1l0C3.00000.BR.752

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Art Direction, Screendesign & Development Support

Rheingaustraße 184
65203 Wiesbaden
Tel. (+49) 611 236 341-0
Fax (+49) 611 236 341-20

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Extrajudicial settlements

Information on extrajudicial settlements is available here (in German)

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