Values with Impact.  Our brand iden­tity

We want to drive our customers' business ahead whatever situation they may be in. Our new brand identity encapsulates this approach.


A sound basis for reliable partnership

Helaba has always attached great importance to its set of values. Yet it never merely acted as an in-house code of conduct.

Rather, it is the unique selling point that truly sets us apart from the competition. We stand for a sense of responsibility, focus on the customer, stability and commitment. In short: a sound basis upon which a reliable partnership can grow. Our success in recent years underlines this and meant we did not have to reinvent ourselves. After all, our continuity is as popular as ever before.

A campaign like our remit

With our brand claim "Values with impact", we link the vision from our corporate mission statement with Helaba's key promise of performance: Everyone can rely on our commitment to values. In doing so, we want to create added value for our customers - to promote long-term development from a stable basis.

This is precisely what the striking layout design of the campaign expresses. All of Helaba's motifs represent the bank's desire to ensure things are moving forwards or jumping upwards. This dynamic inherent in the campaign also signals that we do not see our values as an "end in themselves". They always serve to bring our customers and partners forward - in the sense of the future, success or progress.

Modern and prepared for the future

Our corporate design can be found on all levels of our internal and external communication: from our brand campaign and web presence all the way to our business cards.

A darker shade of blue lends the brand a subtle elegance while also indicating a sense of stability. Together with the new colour weighting and image concept, this has resulted in an unmistakable identity - bright and light, sophisticated and appealing. In addition, we emphasise the strong connection we have to our partners by sharing a common brand colour and font with the savings banks.

Campaign motifs

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