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Helaba concludes first-ever "Sustainable Guarantee Facility"

Helaba and the Voith Group have concluded the first-ever “sustainable guarantee facility”.

The innovative character of the transaction lies in the inclusion of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria that form the basis for environmentally friendly financing. A new guarantee framework agreement has enabled Helaba to issue guarantees linked to the sustainability of the customer's activities through Structured Trade & Export Finance as part of a sustainable guarantee facility. The corporate sustainability rating that Voith receives from ISS ESG - one of the world's leading providers of infor-mation on the social and environmental performance of companies - forms the basis for this facility. Similar to a credit rating, this rating aggregates the sustainability aspects of a company's business activities into a corresponding rating score using various criteria. The "Sustainable Guarantee Facility" requires a rating in the prime range, which is reviewed annually. The individual guarantees that are covered by the guarantee framework are then granted to the customer with a margin that takes into account a customer's current ISS ESG rating.

"In launching this new sustainable guarantee facility, Helaba is demonstrating its commitment to pursuing a sustainable business philosophy."

Hans-Dieter Kemler
member of Helaba's Board of Managing Directors

"In launching this new sustainable guarantee facility, Helaba is demonstrating its commitment to pursuing a sustainable business philosophy," affirms Hans-Dieter Kemler, a member of Helaba's Board of Managing Directors. "This new addition to Helaba's product range - the provision of guarantees that take sustainability criteria into account - has already met with interest from other customers with whom we are currently negotiating the possibility of further sustainable guarantee facilities."

Due to the anticipated consequences of climate change, sustainability is becoming increasingly important in more and more areas of the economy and society. Helaba's mission statement, which is embodied in its brand claim of "Values with impact", emphasises the need to place a values-based approach to business at the heart of its corporate identity, to assume responsibility for society and the environment and thereby make a positive contribution to the wider community. Based on its business strategy, Helaba has incorporated extensive sustainability criteria into its binding risk strategies for lending, one of its most important business lines. Helaba is committed to protecting the climate and supports the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement as well as the climate targets set by the German government and the European Union. On this basis, Helaba's sustainability management has achieved ratings from the major sustainability rating agencies that are well above the global industry average.

Mike Peter Schweitzer
Head of Communications and Press Officer
Ursula-Brita Krück
Deputy Press Officer


Ecological and social responsibility is an integral compo­nent of our business strategy.

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