Helaba arranges Schuldschein for Fraport exclusively on vc trade

Helaba has successfully placed a Schuldschein loan for Fraport AG with institutional investors on the capital market with a total volume of EUR 150 million.

  • Long-term Schuld­schein loan of EUR 150 million
  • Issuance process conducted exclusively via the digital platform vc trade
  • Strong demand from institutional investors

Helaba has success­fully placed a Schuld­schein loan for Fraport AG with insti­tutional investors on the capital market with a total volume of EUR 150 million. Fraport AG opted for an issuance process that exclusively utilises the fully inte­grated digital issuance platform vc trade. The Schuld­schein comprises two tranches, with maturities of five and ten years and fixed interest rates; pricing of the SSD is at the lower end of the target range. The issue met with very strong market demand, which was reflected in the over­sub­scription of the order book.

For the first time, Fraport AG used the vc trade platform for the trans­action, which is based on the latest techno­logical developments, completely digi­tali­sing the estab­lished process from the issuer to the investor with the involvement of the bank. The trans­action was placed entirely using vc trade, thereby replacing conven­tional processes. This was made possible by the fact that more than 280 investors are already active on the vc trade platform. A particular advantage for the issuer in this respect is that, during the entire trans­action process, Fraport AG had a complete overview of investor interest, the status of the order book as well as communi­cation between the parties involved in the trans­action. This enabled the issuer to actively partici­pate in the trans­action process itself.

The bottom line was a signi­ficant increase in trans­parency, efficiency and speed of the issue and a substantial reduction in trans­action costs. "We are very open to inno­vations such as vc trade," explains Michael Schütt of Fraport AG. "In respect of the digital platform, we were parti­cularly impressed by the level of trans­parency in the process." Stefan Fromme, Managing Director of vc trade, is delighted about Fraport AG's decision to place the trans­action exclusively over vc trade. "This reflects the high degree of market confi­dence that issuers, arrangers and investors all have in us and reinforces our conviction that vc trade, as an open-market, multi-arranger capable marketplace, is the most suitable way to best serve the interests of all market partici­pants," said Fromme.

Mike Peter Schweitzer
Head of Communications and Press Officer
Ursula-Brita Krück
Deputy Press Officer
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