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Helaba Invest: First special fund with access to Helaba’s real estate finance portfolio

For the first time, Helaba Invest is offering a fund based on real estate loans that gives savings banks access to Helaba's diversified credit portfolio.

HI-Immo­bilien-Kredit-Fonds I invests in a broadly diver­sified portfolio of mortgage-backed, un­securi­tised loan receiv­ables that were originated solely by Helaba. The invest­ment strategy is focused on Europe, with particular emphasis on Germany. Furthermore, the fund strives to achieve a wide­ranging diversi­fication across different sectors and usage types. The intention is that the loans will be held until their respective final maturity dates. No new invest­ments are planned after repayment. For the savings banks as investors, the portfolio thus remains predictable over the entire duration of the fund. The loans are selected by Helaba Invest's portfolio management team.

"In an environ­ment of permanently low interest rates, the credit fund will enable the savings banks to further diversify their own invest­ments and at the same time achieve an attractive return," says Uwe Trautmann, Chairman of Helaba Invest's Management Board. "They benefit from Helaba's expertise and market access as the leading bank in commercial real estate finance."

"With the launch of the real estate credit fund, we are respon­ding to the wishes of many Sparkassen to participate in Helaba's loan portfolio," explains Nobert Kellner, Head of Debt Capital Markets and Sales Management RE at Helaba. Access by means of a fund solution enables a broader diversi­fication of loans. In addition, the real estate loan fund opens up another funding channel for Helaba. The fund therefore ideally com­plements the existing syndication platform through which savings banks can already invest in individual real estate transactions.

The final closing is scheduled for the end of October/beginning of November.

„With the launch of the real estate credit fund, we are responding to the wishes of many Spar­kassen to participate in Helaba's loan portfolio“

Nobert Kellner
Head of Debt Capital Markets and Sales Management RE at Helaba

Helaba Invest

Helaba Invest was founded in 1991 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Helaba. Since then, it has been responsible within the Helaba Group for the professional management of assets of institutional investors.
Helaba Invest’s business strategy is based on the three pillars of “Master KVG”, “Asset Management Securities, SAA and TAA” as well as “Real Estate and Alternative Asset Classes”. With a volume of assets under management of approx. EUR 130 billion, Helaba Invest is one of the leading capital management companies in the segment of institutional asset management.

Mike Peter Schweitzer
Head of Communications and Press Officer
Ursula-Brita Krück
Deputy Press Officer
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