Thomas Groß

born 17 August 1965 in Aalen

Thomas Groß has been the Chairman of the Board of Mana­ging Directors of Helaba since June 2020. He is responsible for Group Steering, Human Resources and Legal Services, Accounting and Taxes, Group Audit,  Operations, Frankfurter Spar­kasse, Frankfurter Bank­gesellschaft as well as Branch Management New York.

After completing his studies in business engineering, Groß began his professional career in 1992 as a consultant as the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). From 2000, he was a Partner and Managing Director in BCG’s Frankfurt office, specialising in consultancy for financial service companies. His focus was on banks and savings banks (Spar­kassen) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Central & Eastern Europe. There­after, Groß assumed various management roles at the Unicredit Group. From 2008 to 2012, as the Chief Risk Officer, he was a member of the Board of Managing Directors of WestLB. Since 2011, he also held the position of Chief Financial Officer, with res­ponsibility for accounting, controlling and tax. Thomas Groß has been the Vice-­­­Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Helaba since 2015 and a member of the Board of Managing Directors since 2012.

Groß is married and has three children.

Thomas Groß
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