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Public authorities

As a municipality or municipal cor­por­ation, you will find tai­lor-made so­lu­tions and per­sonal ad­vice from a sin­gle source - whether it's finan­cing, pay­ment trans­actions, in­ves­ting funds or opti­mi­sing your loan port­folio.

Our task is ...
to deve­lop appropriate and sustain­able solu­tions for the pub­lic sec­tor. To achieve this, it is cru­cial to know and under­stand the challen­ges fa­cing pub­lic authorities. This en­sures that the wide ran­ge of pro­ducts at our dispo­sal can be used in the most effec­tive way possible for every spe­cific pur­pose.

For saving banks and their municipal customers ...
we pro­vide greater room for man­oeuvre. Be­cause we come into play where the capa­city of the sa­vings bank ends by expan­ding the solu­tions avai­lable, whether in terms of pro­ducts or vo­lumes. This partner­ship also directly bene­fits the municipality or municipal cor­por­ation.

We gain the confidence of our customers  ...
with our in-depth under­stan­ding of their spe­cific require­ments and finan­cial solu­tions tai­lored to their needs. Our strong market posi­tion with pub­lic-sec­tor customers underpins this claim. We consistently earn the confidence of our customers by focusing on a long-term partner­ship.

Dr. Hans-Georg Napp, Public authorities
Dr. Hans-Georg Napp, Public authorities
Dr. Hans-Georg Napp, Public authorities

„As a Landesbank, we are particularly com­mited to the public sector. The federal govern­ment, federal states, local munici­palities and their corpora­tions work with us to implement infra­structure projects that benefit the whole of society. For many years, we have been secur­ing these investments in a way that is both sustain­able and pro­tects the public-sector budget."

Dr. Hans-Georg Napp
Public authorities

Our services for you

  • Expert advice from a single source: Are you look­ing for one point of con­tact for all your needs? This is exactly what our phi­losophy has been for many years. As a result, we have successfully culti­vated extre­mely stable relation­ships with our custom­ers based on a spirit of mu­tual trust.

  • Financing capital investments: Do you want to realise essential capital pro­jects or in­crease your liquidity? There are many ways to achieve this. We draw on our expe­rience and exper­tise to iden­tify solu­tions that will guarantee your long-term success.

  • Loans, payment transactions, inves­ting funds: Hela­ba is one of the lead­ing banks pro­vid­ing ser­vices to the pub­lic sec­tor and its com­pan­ies in Ger­many. We are one of the market leaders in areas such as finan­cing, long-term invest­ments, capital market issuance or hedging pension obligations as well as cash pool solu­tions for the municipal "group".

  • Credit portfolio management: The mana­ge­ment of the loan port­folio inclu­des an on­going ana­ly­sis of the op­portunities and risks as well as any pos­sibilities for ad­just­ment aris­ing in the mar­ket en­viron­ment. We use soft­ware-based ana­ly­ses to ad­vise our clients in the mana­ge­ment of their port­folios.
Public Authorities
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Komuno - a simple process for municipal loans


Good news for muni­ci­palities: The Komuno digital plat­form en­ables ten­der pro­cesses for invest­ment or cash loans to be han­dled much more quickly, efficiently and simply.

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