Optimising the structure of your balance sheet

A company's valuation is based on its key financial figures. Alternative financing methods help to improve them.

Companies are looking for ways to improve their balance sheet structures on a long-term basis. The use of alternative forms of financing that reduce the balance sheet total is a well-established approach.

A good balance sheet structure is important for every company. It frequently forms the basis upon which others evaluate your company, be it banks or business partners. In this respect, balance sheet ratios have a significant impact on the kind of business relationships your company establishes and on what credit lines a bank grants you.

Would you like to optimise your balance sheet ratios? By creating a pool of receivables that can be used as a source of finance, for instance? Or by exploiting the full potential of supply chain finance?

In that case, you know that experience and a sure instinct are what count when it comes to these issues. Asset-backed transactions, for example, can secure liquidity and reduce the balance sheet total at the same time. The same applies to working capital optimisation, which is based on the supply chain.

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