Hedging risks

Interest rates can rise, exchange rates can fluctuate. Prices of shares and fixed-income securities change. But one thing will always endure: our commitment to protecting you against risks.

The first thing we do is listen to you. Because this prepares the ground to optimise our contribution to your risk management. Whether for companies, the public sector or financial service providers: you will find all the services you need to hedge your risks. In Germany as well as for your international business.

  • Top-end SMEs and corporations: You are aware that every growth strategy is associated with risks. This applies to new projects as well as to acquisitions or the expansion of your international activities. We also know this - and support you with our prudent judgement and foresight.

  • Public sector: systematically identify, analyse, assess, monitor and control risks. We make an active contribution to this in many municipalities. Our close ties to the S-Finanzgruppe also play a part in this: We act as a central banking institution for around 40% of German savings banks.

  • Financial service providers: you know best how valuable efficient risk management is. We stand ready to help you achieve this - for example with solutions for your capital market or international business needs.

  • Institutional clients: You have particular responsibilities. Who could understand this better than a public-sector bank like us? This understanding enables us to support you: for example, in terms of currency hedging - up to and including efficient overlay management for hedging against growing currency risks.

  • Savings banks: In close partnership, we help you and your corporate customers to hedge risks. Find out more about our shared values and reliable services: in the Sparkassen Portal.

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