The five o'clock property tea: No exit despite Brexit?

08.10.2019, 17:00 - 17:50 Uhr | Hall A1, Stand 134

Language of lecture: English

London is still widely regarded as Europe's real estate capital. However, developers and investors are also becoming increasingly active in other cities. What role does Brexit play? Explore both British and international perspectives on what is happening in the UK.

David Hatcher, REACTnews 

Nick Walkley, Homes England
Richard Bentley, Helaba


Richard Bentley has been Head of Real Estate Finance UK since 2011 and Deputy Head of Real Estate Finance International at Helaba. Helaba has had a branch in London since 1980. Over 30 years of experience in the London market enable the bank to provide suitable real estate financing to capital investors and project developers. Most recently, Bentley was responsible for international real estate financing in London on behalf of Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, a real estate subsidiary of Hypo Real Estate (HRE).

„Of course, a no-deal Brexit would be a 'game changer', but Britain is - and remains - the most liquid market in Europe.“

Richard Bentley,
Head of Real Estate Finance UK

Richard Bentley
Richard Bentley
Head of Real Estate Finance UK
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