Guarantee systems

Helaba’s guarantee system

Guarantee system of the Savings Bank Finance Group

Helaba is part of a comprehensive, joint guarantee system.

This includes membership of the guarantee fund of the Landesbanks and Girozentralen, in which we enjoy the protection of the German Savings Bank Finance Group’s guarantee system. Since 3 July 2015, this proven system has also been officially certified pursuant to the Deposit Guarantee Act (EinSiG). The deposit guarantee system comprises thirteen institutions:

  • The eleven support funds of the regional Savings Bank and Giro Associations.
  • The guarantee fund of the Landesbausparkassen
  • The guarantee fund of the Landesbanks and Girozentralen.

1. Voluntary institution protection scheme
The primary aim of the joint guarantee system is to protect the participating institutions and prevent them from suffering economic difficulties. Customer deposits are indirectly protected in line with the statutory requirements.

2. Statutory deposit guarantee scheme
The Deposit Guarantee Act (EinSiG) took effect in Germany on 3 July 2015. The government has thereby implemented an EU directive.

The Savings Bank Finance Group has adjusted to the statutory requirements. It has modified its proven deposit guarantee system and had it officially certified so that it conforms to the EinSiG.

This means that, in exceptional circumstances in which the institution protection scheme does not apply, customers have the right to claim compensation against the guarantee system. This guarantee system compensates customers for specific deposits up to 100,000 euros. The EinSiG is the applicable basis for determining deposits eligible for compensation.Would you like to know more? You can find more information in German at

3. Regional reserve fund
For Helaba and the 49 savings banks in Hesse and Thuringia, there is an additional guarantee component: the reserve fund of the Sparkassen- und Giroverband Hessen-Thüringen. It exists independently of the German Savings Bank Finance Group’s guarantee system and is an important part of the “New S-Group Concept” of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe Hessen-Thüringen. This concept is based on a joint business model between Helaba and the savings banks.

The guarantee fund has been in effect since as early as 1 January 2004.

  • It has the effect of guaranteeing institutions. It protects affiliated institutions and ensures that they are able to continue operating.
  • Furthermore, it has the effect of protecting deposits. It thus safeguards claims by depositors and customers in all but a few exceptional cases. Their claims against Helaba are therefore guaranteed to an unlimited amount.
  • The total volume of the fund is equal to 0.5 % of the affiliated institutions’ total risk exposure amount as defined by article 92(3) CRR and stood at EUR 606 m at the end of 2019. 
Nicole Patrau
Group Strategy IR
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