Code of Conduct

In respect of our business activities, it is important that we comply with and implement statutory requirements and ethical standards. Helaba’s Code of Conduct defines responsible conduct within the bank as well as in relation to employees, customers, business partners, market participants, share-holders, public-sector institutions and the general public. In this way, we have created a binding framework for responsible conduct that enables every individual to fulfil statutory requirements and the expectations of society.

Among other things, the Code of Conduct contains minimum standards governing the topic areas of conflicts of interest, insider information and em-ployee transactions, white-collar crime, anti-money laundering and financial sanctions, data protection, information security and transparency, prevent-ing corruption and bribery, fair competition and tax compliance, acting responsibly and responsibility for employees. All requirements of the Code of Conduct have been regulated in binding internal operating procedures and implemented in line with the respective statutory requirements.

Every member of staff is obliged to act in line with these principles. The Board of Managing Directors and managerial staff are responsi-ble for ensuring that the provisions are observed in their areas of responsibility. We conduct regular reviews of this in the scope of audits and with the help of our compliance offices. The whistleblower system helps us to identify and deal with irregularities if they are recognised and reported by employees.

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