Code of con­duct for sup­pliers

Helaba does not work together with companies and institutions that are known to violate fundamental human rights or damage the environment. We take a risk-based approach in the scope of outsourcing activities and processes. Helaba only outsources to providers that pursue a demonstrably sus-tainable business policy on the basis of binding codes of conduct and voluntary commitments.

In 2017 we developed a binding code of conduct for suppliers (non-IT). All existing and new suppliers must register in a procurement portal. Companies that do not consent to the code cannot become suppliers of the bank.

In this code of conduct we stipulate minimum standards in the areas of societal, ecological, social and ethical responsibility. We oblige suppliers and service providers to comply with e.g. applicable national requirements and international environmental standards: packaging used must be recyclable. As far as possible, goods must be transported in an environmentally-friendly way. As a rule, we prioritise working together with suppliers that maintain an environmental management system in line with accepted industry standards and that use renewable energy in their value-added processes. In addition, we expect contractors to enforce a similar code of conduct among their own suppliers.

Helaba has defined criteria for the issues of sustainability, security and values in respect of procurement processes for IT services in a supplier man-agement handbook, which are used in assessing suppliers.

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