Re­muner­ation and incen­tivi­sation system

Helaba promotes the successful implementation of its business and risk strategies with fair and effective remuneration structures, in which sustainability plays an important role. In this way, we want to continue to position ourselves as an attractive employer in the future.

Our remuneration is based on an employee’s required tasks and performance. We do not incentivise our staff to take disproportionately high risks. Among other things, we have ensured this by putting in place an appropriate remuneration structure whose emphasis is on a fixed salary. Variable re-muneration components mainly take into account risk-relevant performance indicators.

In addition to fixed and variable salary components, Helaba provides its employees with social benefits including, among other things, an occupational pension scheme and a private retirement plan to which employees can contribute by way of deferred compensation.

According to provisions of the Remuneration Ordinance for Institutions, Helaba publishes comprehensive information about its remuneration systems and structures in a remuneration Report (German only).

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