Interest-­driven policies

Helaba is a member of the German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV), the umbrella association of the Sparkasse-Finanzgruppe. DSGV represents the interests of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and organises decision-making within the group. Furthermore, it determines the strategic direction of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe.

In addition, Helaba is a member of the Association of German Public Banks (VÖB), which represents the interests of 63 members including Landes-banks as well as federal and state development banks.

Helaba is also a member of the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks (vdp). vdp represents the interests of Pfandbrief banks vis-à-vis national and European decision-making bodies as well as professionals in the sector.

As a member of the German Association for Environmental Management and Sustainability in Financial Institutions (VfU), Helaba is involved in a net-work of financial service providers focused on sustainability that considers itself to be an industry initiative that promotes participation in political dis-course.

Moreover, Helaba supports the Green Finance Innovation Cluster in the financial centre of Frankfurt as a platinum sponsor, which was launched by the State of Hesse in the scope of its sustainability strategy. WIBank is a founding member.

In the scope of its membership of the financial centre initiative Frankfurt Main Finance e.V., Helaba conveys its close association with the financial cen-tre and its desire to strengthen Frankfurt am Main as a national and international financial hub. In our financial centre study “Brexit – Let’s go Frankfurt” we advocate a strengthening of the financial centre in the context of Brexit negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom. In addi-tion, Helaba is systematically establishing relationships to FinTechs, e.g. through its platinum partnership at the Frankfurt “TechQuartier” hub, thereby promoting innovative products and ideas in Frankfurt together with WIBank as a founding member.

Preventing political interference

Helaba does not make any donations to political parties or party-affiliated organisations. We always donate money or benefits (donation/sponsoring) in line with applicable laws and internal charitable funding guidelines.

Due to Helaba’s particular ownership structure (8.1 % State of Hesse, 4.05 % Free State of Thuringia), functionaries from the political sphere, among others, have also been appointed to the bank’s Supervisory Board and Board of Owners in line with the bank’s Articles of Association. The associated close relationship between the bank’s activities and politics has a generally positive impact on our conservative risk profile. It ensures that we are strongly embedded in our core business region and intertwines our banking activities even more strongly with the real economy. There is no political interference in our banking operations.
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