We document and review our progress in the area of sustainability on a regular basis by continuously collecting and evaluating any sustainability-related data. Among other things, we collect data on consumption and emissions, but also data resulting from staff surveys or customer satisfaction surveys. Initially, this data is published internally in order to inform those involved and to manage the appropriate measures to be taken. This data also serves as a basis for our external reporting.

Environmental Indicators

Environmental Indicators for Helaba 01.03.18*

Energy Consumption in MWh201620152014
Energy Consumption Total (Electricity and Heating)42.90042.11740.156
Electricity Consumption15.05915.15715.517
Thereof from mixed renewable sources96%96%83,4%
Thereof combined heat and power (CHP)4%4%16,6%
Heating Consumption27.84126.96024.639
Thereof Gas (appr. 2/3 cogeneration unit at MAIN TOWER)57,8%61%54,9%
Thereof heating from biogas CHP4,7%4,8%4,9%
Thereof light fuel oil0,1%0,1%0,1%
Business Travels in km201620152014
Business Travels Total14.822.19115.622.44414.746.015
Thereof by rail34,4%32,5%35,8%
Thereof by car32,1%34%32,7%
Thereof by flight (short distance)8,4%7,3%8%
Thereof by flight (long distance)25,1%26,2%23,5%
Resource Consumption in kg201620152014
Thereof certified (FSC, etc.)63,5%68,0%55,7%
Thereof recycling paper23,2%16,9%18,5%
Water Consumption (in m3)79.03177.06170.135
Thereof recycled62,4%60,1%59,1%
Thereof incineration37,6%39,9%40,9%
Thereof hazardous waste0%0%0%
CO2 Emissions in T201620152014
CO2 Emissions Total10.77210.85010.184
Thereof Scope 136%37,4%34,1%
Thereof Scope 216,9%15,1%20,6%
Thereof Scope 347,1%47,5%45,3%

*Coverage includes 20 office sites globally which accords for appr. 95% of total office space. Erhebungs- und Berechnungsmethodik nach VfU Standard.

Employee Indicators

Employee Indicators for Helaba 31.12.

Employees in Germany and Switzerland (People)592458975961
Thereof Helaba Bank322131993251
Thereof Frankfurter Sparkasse166717221760
Percentage of temporary employment3,3%2,4%3,0%
Percentage of collective wage agreement62,5%63,3%64,6%
Thereof collective banking wage agreement81,3%85,9%86,5%
thereof wage group 7-973,0%71,2%71,7%
Percentage of part-time22,5%21,7%21,5%
Thereof women89,2%90,2%90,2%
Percentage of junior employees and trainees2,6%2,8%3,1%
Thereof Frankfurter Sparkasse50,7%62,7%68,4%
Qualification expenditures4,5 Mio €4,6 Mio €5,7 Mio €
Average period of employment in years (within Helaba Group)15,314,914,7
Fluctuation rate (initiated by employees)2,0%2,1%2,2%
Thereof Helaba Bank1,2%1,3%1,7%
Percentage women47,8%47,5%47,6%
Percentage female executives22,0%19,6%17,7%
Percentage of female board members (Helaba Bank)0%0%0%
Percentage of female members of the supervisory board (Helaba Bank)22,2%22,2%22,2%
Percentage of employees with a disability5,6%5,8%6,1%
Percentage age > 5042,3%39,5%39,3%
Percentage age 30-5050,3%52,3%52,9%
Percentage age < 307,4%8,2%7,8%
Absence rate (due to illness with medical certificate)4,3%3,4%3,15%
Number of accidents (work-related (road) accidents)526968
Thereof Frankfurter Sparkasse28,8%59,4%54,4%
Work-related Fatalities000
Injury rate (Number of accidents in relation to total working hours)0,0035%0,0047%0,0046%
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