We pursue four key sustainability goals:

Business Performance

Customer focus: Helaba strives to be a principal bank and thus a long-term preferred partner in providing financial solutions for our target cus-tomers. Our strategic aim is to further expand our position as a leading S-Group bank for German Sparkassen and to permanently integrate ourselves into the Sparkassen organisation.

Brand and product responsibility: With its conservative risk profile, Helaba is committed to fully protecting the interests of its clients and is active in the market as a reliable partner oriented to the long term. By strictly adhering to all statutory and regulatory requirements in its relation-ships with customers and consumers, Helaba safeguards its own reputational capital and fulfils the high expectations of a public law credit institution.

Results-­based business activities

Sustainability in business processes: Helaba strives to achieve sustainability in its business processes. In the course of this, it defines, im-plements and continually optimises sustainability criteria in its core business activities.

Sustainable real estate business: In Real Estate Lending and Real Estate Management, Helaba and its subsidiaries take binding sustainability criteria into account in the planning, financing and management of real estate projects.

Responsible corporate governance

Compliance: Adherence to laws, guidelines and voluntary commitments, especially conducting business with integrity and preventing corruption, are among Helaba’s fundamental principles.
Transparency: Actively and openly communicating corporate values, proper conduct, policy positions and decisions, both inside and outside the company, guarantees transparency and secures the trust of important stakeholders.

A corporate culture that appreciates its workforce

Mutual respect in working together: Helaba’s working environment is characterised by respect, tolerance and trust. Regardless of origin or belief, all members of staff relate to each other in a respectful way, free from any kind of unfairness or discrimination.

Employer branding and staff retention: As a provider of specialist financial services, Helaba is able to gain suitable and qualified employees and to retain them for the long term.

Qualification: Our managers support their staff by delegating challenging tasks to them and providing them with regular feedback. Furthermore, Helaba offers a broad range of training and development opportunities in order to maintain the employability of our staff until they retire and to increase the attractiveness of the bank as an employer.

Progress in the achievement of the goals mentioned above is regularly reviewed by the relevant departments. In addition, we carry out surveys among our staff to evaluate our corporate culture and identify potential for improvement.
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