The con­cept of our art col­lection

In addition to supporting museums, Helaba is also committed to the arts in the scope of its own collection. In this respect, the MAIN TOWER serves as the largest exhibition space. Since its opening in the year 2000, it has housed significant works of art and artistic pieces that were especially commissioned to suit the architecture of a skyscraper. As early as 1996, Helaba began to focus on collecting contemporary works of art. We believe that supporting new artistic talent is a direct investment in the future. The juxtaposition of different media – paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, installations and video – reflects the ways in which the production of contemporary art expresses itself.

We purchase entire groups of works by young artists and place them in relation to established artistic positions, which makes strands of development visible to the viewer and reveals new perspectives. In the meantime, the bank’s portfolio of art comprises 2,700 individual works by around 250 artists. Works by young artists, in particular, often defy conventional assessment criteria. Presenting them in our immediate working environment inspires and encourages a dialogue about the issues they raise.

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