Sup­port­ing rene­wable energies

As a financial service provider, we consider the primary means by which we can have an impact on protecting the climate to be in the financing of energy-efficient technologies and renewable energies. Whether photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal energy or the use of biomass, we have extensive and fully up-to-date specialist knowledge in all of these fields. In the financing of technical facilities and processes, we advocate the best available technology and drive the expansion of renewable energies even further ahead. Helaba offers project finance for renewable energies since 1997. The business volume for renewable energy projects already surpasses our engagement in conventional forms of energy generation.

We have introduced a standardised process for granting loans with an environmental background in which environmental risks form a component of the risk assessment and risk management processes. In this way, we take responsibility in our lending activities and ensure that minimum environmental and climate standards are adhered to. You can find out more about this in our sector-specific guidelines (Business activities).

In order to strengthen financing activities of Sparkassen in this segment even further, lending specialists focus on supporting projects by medium-sized companies and the public sector. A nationwide Competence Centre provides advice, structuring and financing solutions and also includes the option of using public development subsidies. In this way, Sparkassen makes a contribution towards ensuring that small and medium-sized enterprises also support the energy transition.

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