Staff council

In accordance with the Hessian Staff Representation Act, the staff council represents the interests of our employees and monitors adherence to regulations designed to protect them. As a representative body, it is the first point of contact for the management in all issues affecting the staff. The General Staff Council is complemented by Staff Representations at the bank’s locations in Frankfurt/Offenbach, Dusseldorf, Erfurt, Kassel, Wetzlar and Wiesbaden as well as by Representative Bodies for Youth Apprentices and Severely Disabled Employees.

The staff council participates in decision-making at Helaba through a process of codetermination, co-operation and consultation, especially in organisational, personnel and social issues. Among other things, it monitors adherence to employee rights and health and safety provisions. It receives suggestions and complaints and organises staff meetings. It is actively involved in the inclusion and support of severely disabled employees in co-operation with the Representative Body for Severely Disabled Employees. There is a similar structure at Frankfurter Sparkasse. At GWH, the interests of the staff are represented by a Works Council.

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