Oc­cup­ation­al health & safety

Our occupational health management supports employees with measures to improve their physical and psychological health. We ensure adherence to statutory requirements related to employees, e.g. protection from occupational hazards and detrimental stress levels. Occupational and operational safety (employer and operator responsibilities) are regulated in a binding directive. The HelabaVital programme offers employees lectures and workshops on the issues of nutrition, exercise and mental balance.

In addition, independent sets of regulations exist for employees of GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft Hessen and OFB Projektentwicklung, in each case, for occupational and operational safety as well as for occupational health management. They take into account the particular aspects of business activities in operating environments such as building sites or managed properties.

Frankfurter Sparkasse

An important component of health management at Frankfurter Sparkasse is occupational health promotion. The range of health awareness days that take place on a regular basis include topics such as how to ensure a healthy heart and back, coping with diabetes, mindfulness and depression. Employees can be vaccinated against the flu or receive eye tests free of charge at the in-company doctor. In addition, regular seminars on stress and resource management are provided as well as training courses for managers on issues such as coping with addiction and dealing with mental illness. Employees working at branches of Frankfurter Sparkasse are trained every two years on how to behave during a bank robbery. An intervention team provides psychological follow-up for affected members of staff in an emergency.

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