Fair remu­neration

We place a deliberate emphasis in terms of the remuneration of our employees on fixed salary components. Basic remuneration is complemented by a wide range of retirement benefits as well as by occupational welfare services. Furthermore, we provide em-ployees with a variable end-of-year payment which offers them positive performance incentives and depends on the long-term success of the bank. Remuneration is based on collective bargaining agreements for around two-thirds of employees of the Helaba Group; the collective bargaining agreement for public banks applies to more than half of the workforce.

Remuneration systems for employees and the Boards of Managing Directors of Helaba and Frankfurter Sparkasse meet the re-quirements of the Remuneration Ordinance for Institutions. We publish the remuneration reports in German of Helaba and Frankfurter Sparkasse at helaba.de.

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