Emp­loyee wel­fare service

Helaba’s employee welfare service offers all members of staff a preventative consultation on issues of work/life balance and stress-related illnesses. It provides confidential and professional support in case of professional or personal problems, whether professional crises or conflicts in working relationships, psychosocial problems and acute personal or health-related crises.

As a form of short-term support or crisis intervention, the employee welfare service assists in stabilising an employee’s state of mind and maintaining their performance. Managers are also able to use the employee welfare service in order to clarify psychosocial or health-related aspects in their areas of responsibility as managers. Around five percent of employees took advantage of the employee welfare service in 2016.

Frankfurter Sparkasse

Frankfurter Sparkasse’s welfare office is available to all employees, managers and family members in times of professional and personal difficulties. Its objective is to support employees in stressful situations in a fast and unbureaucratic way. In this way, we aim to find customised solutions together with the employees and improve their psychological resilience. Our range of services also includes advice on health and nursing care issues as well as on occupational integration management. An average of 13 percent of employees used this service in 2015 and 2016.

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