Work and family

Work, family, free time – all these things are needed for life. We attach great importance to creating a balance between an employee’s professional and private lives and are committed to social responsibility. We ensure that our staff are able to balance their working and family lives by offering flexitime models, providing assistance towards childcare, teleworking and other measures.

Since 2009, both Frankfurter Sparkasse and GWH successfully participate in the “berufundfamilie” (work and family) audit carried out by berufundfamilie Service GmbH. This accreditation certifies that an employer has developed operational company-specific goals and measures to organise and enhance their human resources policy so that it takes account of the needs of families and different stages in an employee’s life. In 2016, GWH successfully completed the audit process for the third time; in 2018 Frankfurter Sparkasse for the fourth time, respectively.

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