Pro­mo­tion­al bus­iness

Helaba fulfils public development tasks on behalf of the State of Hesse through Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen (WIBank). In particular, WIBank provides financial support in areas where conventional financial service providers are not active due to a lack of potential earnings.

There are many starting points for responsible, socially acceptable neighbourhood planning as well as for modern energy concepts, especially in the field of town planning. WIBank supports demographically beneficial urban planning, building subsidised public housing, modernising urban tenement blocks or constructing modern wastewater facilities. It also promotes measures to make residential buildings energy efficient and the construction of energy-efficient dwellings. In this way, WIBank enables towns and districts to actively participate in protecting the environment and the climate.

The aim of our economic development activities is to promote sustainable economic and social development. The nationwide expansion of fibre optic networks in the scope of digitalisation is one current example of this. In addition, lending to small and medium-sized enterprises in order to create new and protect existing jobs and apprenticeships forms part of WIBank’s remit.

WIBank is also involved in the practical implementation of the Hessian Municipal Investment Programme. Hesse’s local authorities are able to use the funds provided in this way for investments in a variety of areas. These include building affordable housing, providing assistance to large families, students and refugees or expanding the full-day supervision of children in schools.
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