Herbert Hans Grüntker

Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors
born 23 May 1955 in Frankfurt am Main

Herbert Hans Grüntker has been the Chairman of the Board of Mana­ging Directors of Helaba since October 2015. His areas of res­ponsibility include Group Steering, Human Resources and Legal Services, Group Audit and WIBank.

After completing an apprenticeship as a bank clerk, a degree in business mana­gement and postings at BHF Bank and the insurance company Barmenia Ver­sicherungen, he joined Helaba in 1993. As an Executive Managing Director, he was responsible for the Asset Mana­gement unit. In 2005, he assumed the position of Vice-­Chairman of Frankfurter Spar­kasse and made a decisive contribution to the successful integration of the bank into the Helaba Group. He became Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors there in 2007.

Grüntker is married and has two children.

Herbert Hans Grüntker
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