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A helping hand from Nanny

Helaba's current economic and capital market outlook  explores the question of "who is going to lead us into the future?" It presents a selection of characters that could show us the way ahead. The main scenario is entitled "A helping hand from Nanny". But the "Poltergeist" (the negative alternative scenario) and the "Avatar" (the positive alternative scenario) may also prove to be influential personas as well.


Monetary policy as a safety net

  • The US dollar advanced slightly, with the currency being supported by the robust US econ-omy and a higher yield advantage. On the flipside, the expansionary monetary and fiscal policy are a burden. As the year progresses, the euro, with more economic tailwind, should gain the upper hand. 
  • Negative parameters from the US and higher inflation form a toxic environment for bonds. The ECB wants to prevent speculations about interest rate hikes and rising yields and is temporarily expanding its purchasing program. As a result, the yield on 10-year Bunds should remain just barely in negative territory in the second half of the year. 
  • Sector rotation is currently the theme in the stock markets: out of technology and into cyclical stocks. But even the equities that have been neglected most recently were able to recover again somewhat. It would appear that risk appetite of investors is unbroken, although the air is getting thinner.

 Countries and Regions

Find out more about countries and regions. Based on our special connection to our home region, Helaba also provides analyses and forecasts on the most important key figures of the German federal states.

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Archiv Countries and Regions

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Credit and Covered Bonds

At irregular intervals we publish comments on current topics from the areas of corporates and bank bonds and important developments on the credit markets.

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Archive Credit and Covered Bonds

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Financial Center

A hub of finance and supervision.

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Foreign Exchange: FX Briefly

Below you will find Insights into current developments of different currencies.

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Foreign Exchange: FX Focus

Below you will find Insights into current developments of different currencies.

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Real Estate

We have a special focus on Real Estate Markets.

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