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Private customers and small and midsize enterprises benefit from the strengths of the Helaba Group either directly or indirectly through the products we develop for our partners in the Sparkasse organisation.

Private Customers

Concentrated Expertise

Helaba’s S-Group Bank functions as the central bank for the Sparkassen in Hesse and Thuringia. Our role is to pool synergies, promote product innovation and generally assist the Sparkassen with their core business at all levels. Detailed information about the services offered by the S-Group Bank may be found under the Sparkassen menu item.

Private customers and small and midsize enterprises benefit from the strengths of the Helaba Group either directly or indirectly through the products we develop for our partners in the Sparkasse organisation.

Frankfurter Sparkassse

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Helaba, Frankfurter Sparkasse serves private customers and small and midsize enterprises in the Rhine-Main region in all areas of finance. The institution offers unparalleled customer proximity: not only does it operate a comprehensive network of 82 branches and 21 advice centres, but it has also been present in the region for more than 190 years and consequently understands the situation of its customers in a way that few competitors could hope to match.

Frankfurter Sparkasse has always kept a close eye on customer requirements and continues to evolve and adapt its products and services accordingly. Today it offers the full range of modern financial services, from electronic account management and the latest forms of investment and provision for the future to innovative asset management options, and supports its corporate customers in their international dealings as well as their German domestic activities.

Customers of Frankfurter Sparkasse, which is the forth-largest Sparkasse in Germany, benefit not just from the skills and capabilities of its more than 1,800 employees, but also from the expertise accumulated within Helaba in its operations as an international commercial bank.

Further information about the products and services of Frankfurter Sparkasse may be found at

Frankfurter Sparkasse
Phone: (+49) 69/26 41 - 0
Fax: (+49) 69/26 41 - 29 00

Neue Mainzer Straße 47-53

60311 Frankfurt am Main


Intelligent products at fair prices backed up by comprehensive service: these are key features of direct banking as 1822direkt understands it. We also believe it is particularly important to communicate with customers as simply and directly as possible – after all who has time to waste?
Convenience of course plays a role too, so we make sure you receive an account that matches your particular needs. Say goodbye to charges for services you never use and say hello to easy access, whenever and wherever you choose, by e-mail, phone, fax or post. 

1822direkt is a sales company of Frankfurter Sparkasse, so as a customer you have the reassurance that your direct banking services are provided from a robust and venerable foundation.

Further information is available from

Phone: (+49) 69/94 17 - 00

Home Loan and Savings

LBS deals with home loan and saving schemes, and is the right partner for you no matter whether you want to buy, construct, renovate or expand real property.

As independent business division of Helaba, LBS offers you the highest degree of flexibility concerning all matters of financing. High or low interest rates for deposits or loans of home loan and savings contracts? Short or long saving periods? High or low redemption installments? Your personal goals are the key to the structuring of the contracts.

In any case, you know exactly what interest rates you will receive or pay from the day the contract is concluded until full repayment. At the same time, you can provide security to your family during the saving and loan phases at low cost.

And last but not least - ask our LBS consultants for development funds and subsidies provided by the state.

Phone: (+49) 361/21 7 - 70 07
Fax: (+49) 361/21 7 - 70 90

Private Banking

Stability for your assets

Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Deutschland) AG is the private bank of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe in Germany. Together with the savings banks on the ground, it offers services in the areas of private banking, foundation and wealth management:

  • Asset management
  • Target return oriented strategies
  • Market return oriented strategies
  • Wealth management
  • Foundation (trust) management
  • Family office
  • Strategy / market forecast