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Institutional Customers

Advice on High-Grade Products
Our institutional customers include insurers and reinsurance companies, pension plans, social insurance funds for persons involved in handicraft, annuity insurers, workers' compensation funds, trade unions, investment companies and home loan and savings institutions, all of which are looking for a safe and reliable home for their investments with an attractive return. We offer appropriate solutions and accompanying advice and support right down to the last detail.

Customer Relationship
Responsibility for lasting values: we ensure robust returns for insurance companies, pension plans and other institutional customers. more

Where you find us

Asset Management

We are able, through Helaba Invest, to make available to our customers the expertise of one of the leading investment trust companies in institutional asset management. 

Helaba Invest

Helaba Invest follows a corporate strategy founded on two main pillars: active fund management based on quantitative investment concepts and the master investment trust company service.

Helaba Invest offers a comprehensive product range for virtually all investment categories in the area of quantitative asset management, from shares, bonds and asset allocation funds to absolute return products and overlay strategies. The various investment approaches can be realised in the form of special funds, institutional public funds or advisory, outsourcing or management mandates.

The master investment trust company function sees Helaba Invest provide all of the back and middle office services associated with fund management including efficient accounting, detailed risk management and comprehensive reporting. Helaba Invest is one of the leading providers of master investment trust company services. Further information may be found at

Masterful Performance for Your Funds

The success of your fund investments depends in no small measure on how professionally they are managed. Helaba Invest provides the full range of master investment trust company services, from accounting to risk management and performance measurement to reporting. If your funds strategy permits, it is also possible to pool all of your investments in a legally independent fund or map them in a – legally separate –‘virtual’ master fund. Both options offer maximum flexibility for asset management and significantly reduce the burden on your resources.


Helaba Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH

Junghofstraße 24
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (+49) 69/2 99 70-0
Fax (+49) 69/2 99 70-6 30


From a master KAG to a full-service KAG

Helaba invest is a market leader in Master KAG services in Germany. On top of that, as a full-service KAG, it offers the full range of investment administration services. A focus of Helaba Invest is supporting our customers in fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Helaba Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH

Junghofstraße 24
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. (+49) 69/2 99 70-0
Fax (+49) 69/2 99 70-6 30

Real Estate

Creating value with real estate

Real estate forms an integral part of the investment portfolios of insurance companies and municipal utility companies. Helaba’s Real Estate Group assists institutional property investors across the entire value chain all the way from project development, to providing finance and property management.

Find out more about our range of services for real estate customers here

News from Real Estate Finance

Neuer Inhalt

Real Estate Finance | Mar 7, 2017

Awards for Helaba Real Estate Finance

Helaba's Real Estate Finance has received two awards from "Real Estate Capital": "Lender of the Year in Germany" and "Lender of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe". "Real Estate Capital" is a leading specialist magazine for lenders and capital investors in the real estate financing sector.