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Press Releases | Mar 5, 2018

Launch of digital client portals for real estate and corporate customers

Helaba now offers its wholesale real estate and corporate customers modern, digital client portals that enable a 360-degree view of the existing business relationship with intuitive dashboard user interfaces. “This digital service provides genuine added value for our customers, since we have focused consistently on their requirements for simple, fast and transparent processes”, explains Dr Norbert Schraad, the member of Helaba’s Board of Managing Directors responsible for corporate lending.

In addition to providing useful summaries of the most important information, client portals can also be used to exchange documents, information and data. “A shared data room that also provides complete documentation of business activities with our real estate customers is a significant gain for everyone involved”, says Christian Schmid, the designated member of Helaba’s Board of Managing Directors for the bank’s real estate business. What is more, it is already possible in the initial version of the real estate client portal to handle everything from establishing a new business relationship to completing a transaction. In terms of expanding the range of services, Helaba pursue a flexible approach and incorporate feedback from the first releases into their continued development. Helaba will make continuous enhancements to its digital banking portals on the basis of customer feedback and in co-operation with the portal developer CREALOGIX and the IT service provider adesso.  

The introduction of client portals is another important step for Helaba on the road towards becoming a digitalised Landesbank. Helaba will consistently pursue this strategy in order to maximise value added for the customers and provide them with even more efficient Services.