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Press Releases | May 2, 2018

Helaba Invest signs PRI principles

Helaba Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH has signed up to international Principles for Responsible Investment, or PRI. “By signing the Principles, we are making a clear commitment to aligning Helaba Invest towards a sustainable business strategy”, says Uwe Trautmann, chairman of the Management Board of Helaba Invest. “This is an expression of our duty to act in a responsible way, which we have already practised for a long time.” In the scope of PRI, signatory banks agree to include ecological, social and corporate governance factors, among others, in their investment and decision-making processes. In future, Helaba Invest will increasingly apply these aspects to its investment approaches and products.

Hans-Dieter Kemler, the chairman of Helaba Invest’s supervisory board and a member of Helaba’s Board of Managing Directors, adds: “Helaba Invest’s signing of the PRI principles underlines the Helaba Group’s sustainable business strategy and affirms the success of our project, spanning all business units, to improve the Group’s sustainability profile.”

PRI is an initiative by investors, supported by the United Nations (UN), that aims to contribute towards creating a more sustainable global financial system. Signing up to PRI indicates a company’s recognition and implementation of the Principles in its day-to-day operations.

Helaba Invest

Helaba Invest was founded in 1991 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Helaba. Since then, it has been responsible within the Helaba Group for the professional management of assets of institutional investors.

Helaba Invest’s business strategy is based on the three pillars of “Master KVG”, “Asset Management Securities, SAA and TAA” as well as “Real Estate and Alternative Asset Classes”. With a volume of assets under management of approx. EUR 130 billion, Helaba Invest is one of the leading capital management companies in the segment of institutional asset management.