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Press Releases | Nov 14, 2017

Helaba Invest making inroads in infrastructure and Asian real estate – successful first and second closing

Helaba Invest has successfully completed the first closing of the 96.5 million-euro HI-Infrastruktur-Multi Manager-Fonds as well as the second closing of the HI-Immobilien-Asien-Fonds in an amount of EUR 50.5 million. Alternative investments are becoming increasingly significant in the search for yield. Helaba Invest is meeting this challenge by continually expanding its product portfolio for institutional investors. Overall, Helaba Invest manages a portfolio of real estate and alternative investments with a volume of EUR 9.6 billion.   

First closing of HI-Infrastruktur-Multi Manager-Fonds
Helaba Invest managed to raise a total of EUR 96.5 million by as early as the first closing on 10 November 2017. Helaba Invest has been managing non-listed infrastructure fund portfolios of German insurance companies, pension funds and public-sector organisations for many years and manages a volume of EUR 1.7 billion in this segment.  

The HI-Infrastruktur-Multi Manager-Fonds is a special fund constituted under Luxembourg law with a European focus and a conservative risk profile (core and value added). The intention is to establish a broadly diversified infrastructure portfolio consisting of 10-12 target funds, with the aim of raising EUR 200 million in total fund assets. The fund’s target yield amounts to around 6.5 percent (net). A second closing is planned for the first half of 2018.

“Investments in infrastructure offer constant and long-term cash flows that are not affected by economic cycles. The strong demand proves to us that the popularity of this asset class among institutional investors is going from strength to strength due to the on-going low interest rate environment,” explains Ulrich Lingner, a member of Helaba Invest’s Board of Managing Directors.

Second closing of HI-Immobilien-Asien-Fonds
In the second closing of the HI-Immobilien-Asien-Fonds, launched in November 2016, Helaba Invest was successful in raising a total of EUR 50.5 million in equity from institutional investors, increasing the size of the fund to EUR 126.5 million. In total, Helaba Invest manages a 7.9 billion-euro portfolio of real estate investments. 

The HI-Immobilien-Asien-Fonds is a special fund constituted under Luxembourg law that invests indirectly in pan-Asian real estate. In so doing, it places an emphasis on a broad diversification across different regions and sectors. As a value-added fund of funds, the fund aims for an average distribution of 3 percent as well as a total return of 10 percent.

Helaba Invest’s unique selling point in the segments of real estate and alternative asset classes on the German market remains a consistent focus on aligning its investment strategy towards specialised, indirect investments (multi manager approach). Over the past few years, it has been successful in establishing a high level of expertise in this area. “We continue to believe that our strategy of selecting specialised fund investments for our clients delivers significant value added”, Lingner adds.

Helaba Invest
Helaba Invest was founded in 1991 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Helaba. Since then, it has been responsible within the Helaba Group for the professional management of assets of institutional investors.

Helaba Invest’s business strategy is based on the three pillars of “Master KVG”, “Asset Management Securities, SAA and TAA” as well as “Real Estate and Alternative Asset Classes”. With a volume of assets under management of approx. EUR 130 billion, Helaba Invest is one of the leading capital management companies in the segment of institutional asset management.