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Latest news and publications:

News | Aug 31, 2018

Our Half-Yearly Financial Report is online

We pursue a clear, forward-looking strategic agenda that also benefits our customers. It is an agenda that we are successfully implementing together with our employees. In this way, we want to maintain and expand our strong position in the market. Our half-yearly financial report is now online and provides you with details of our performance in the first six months of 2018.

Press Releases | Jun 28, 2018

Ulrike Daus to become General Manager of Compliance unit

Ulrike Daus has been appointed as the General Manager of the newly established Compliance unit and will assume her position in July 2018. The unit comprises the functions of WpHG (German Securities Trading Act) compliance, AML and anti-fraud as well as MaRisk compliance. In this role, Ulrike Daus will report to Dr Detlef Hosemann as the member of the Board of Managing Directors responsible for the Compliance unit.


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Knowledge sharing

Curiosity and experience: that’s what sets the Helaba team apart. Our junior staff profit from the knowledge of our experienced colleagues – and vice versa. Three duos from very different units explain how the know-how transfer works. more

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Brooklyn in Bavaria

What is the secret to converting a former industrial district into a cool, lively office and business quarter? The developers behind the “Macherei” project know just what it takes: by 2019 they will have created an animated new quarter that they hope will significantly raise the profile of Munich’s up-and-coming Berg am Laim borough. The project is modelled on similar transformations of former industrial districts in places like Brooklyn, New York. Helaba is financing the project with a loan in the hundreds of millions of euros range. more

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Digitalisation can bring us closer to our customers

We meet up with Dr. Gerhard Kebbel to find out how happy the man at the helm of Helaba’s Digitalisation Strategic Project feels about the progress made so far and what happens next. more

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A family-oriented champion

It can sometimes seem in today’s climate as though noise and publicity are critical to building a successful business. Steel pipe solutions specialist EEW Group shows that this need not be the case: it has quietly grown from local supplier to international market leader in the space of three generations. We wanted to find out how important roots are in building an innovation-led company and how choosing the right bank can help a business prosper. more

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All of Helaba is the S-Group bank

We introduced a new structure for S-Group business to make the internal interfaces between the different product units more professional and efficient and position the Sparkassen at the centre of our efforts. more