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The overview shows Helaba’s current ratings from the rating agencies Moody's, Fitch and Standard & Poor's.

The following ratings apply to Helaba
(Definition of the respective ratings agency)
As of 21 August 2018



Long-Term Issuer RatingAa3
Counterparty Risk Assessment 3)Aa3(cr)
Long-term Deposit Rating 3)Aa3
Public-Sector Covered BondsAaa
Short-term Deposit Rating 2)P-1
Long-Term Senior Unsecured 3)Aa3
Long-Term Junior Senior Unsecured 4)A2
Subordinate Rating 5)Baa2
Baseline Credit Assessment (BCA)baa2



Long-term Issuer Default Rating 1)A+
Public Sector PfandbriefeAAA
Mortgage PfandbriefeAAA
Short-term Issuer Default Rating 1), 2)F1+
Derivative Counterparty Rating 1)AA-(dcr)
Long-term Deposit Rating 1), 3)AA-
Senior Unsecured 1), 4)A+
Subordinated debt 1), 5)A
Viability-Rating 1)a+


Standard & Poor's 1)

Long-term Issuer Credit Rating


Short-term Issuer Credit Rating 2)A-1
Long-term Senior Unsecured 3)


Long-term Senior Subordinated 4)A-
Standalone Credit Profile (SACP)a


Ratings for Helaba liabilities covered by statutory guarantee 6)

 Moody'sFitchStandard & Poor's
Long-term ratingsAaaAAAAA-


1) Joint group rating for the S-Group Hesse-Thuringia
2) Corresponds to short-term liabilities
3) Corresponds in principle to long-term senior unsecured debt according to §46f (5 u.7) KWG ("with preferential right to payment")
4) Corresponds in principle to long-term senior unsecured debt according to §46f (6) KWG ("without preferential right to payment")
5) Corresponds to subordinated liabilities
6) Applies to all liabilities in place on 18 July 2001 (indefinitely)