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Funding 2017

In fiscal 2017 Helaba intends to refinance around 15bn Euro through the international capital markets. Our issuing activities are aimed at:

Maturity matched new business

For Helaba, the maturity matched refinancing of new business continues to be of high priority. The qualified management of structural liquidity gains through the outstanding regulatory changes, even more in significance. The rating agencies also attach more importance to this issue.

Positioning with investors – domestic basis, selective expansion internationally

The Helaba Group has a broad and stable base of both institutional and retail investors in the domestic market. The soundness of this investor base is being increasingly recognized by foreign investors, enabling Helaba to further diversify its refinancing activities abroad.

Debt issuance programmes – developing products and structuring capabilities

Helaba aims at securing a continuously available, effective and cost-efficient refinancing. Therefore, Helaba is focused upon further developing its product range and structuring capabilities. As funding instruments, unsecured bearer bonds, promissory notes and public sector and mortgage backed covered bonds in both bearer and registered format, are issued domestically and as MTNs.